Older woman tells story about squirrel made out of straw to a middle-aged woman.


Providing a platform to share stories reduces isolation, connects across generations and other divides, and celebrates creativity.

fishing lure


Objects are conversation starters. They can connect us to the every day, to each other, and to memories of places, experiences and people.


Documenting and sharing objects and stories in an exhibit format validates and values people and their contributions to our collective family and community histories.


Oswego Summer Storytelling Sessions

Our Summer Storytelling Sessions are an attempt to counteract the isolation members of our community, and older adults in particular,  have experienced during the pandemic by bringing small groups of 3-4 residents together for a facilitated conversation rooted in physical objects.

Participants, their stories, and the objects they bring to these sessions will serve as the foundation for an upcoming exhibition, a mini museum of our community, at the Oswego Welcome Center this fall

Who: Oswego residents 55+
When: August 12 & September 8
Where: Downtown Oswego
Cost: Free

Two older women looking at a tea cup together.
Two women look at a teacup together at a storytelling session in Liverpool, NY at The Hearth in 2018.