Older woman tells story about squirrel made out of straw to a middle-aged woman.


Providing a platform to share stories reduces isolation, connects across generations and other divides, and celebrates creativity.

fishing lure


Objects are conversation starters. They can connect us to the every day, to each other, and to memories of places, experiences and people.


Documenting and sharing objects and stories in an exhibit format validates and values people and their contributions to our collective family and community histories.


Facilitating Storytelling for Caregivers

This workshop trains caregivers in the object-based storytelling techniques originally developed for the Recollection project. The technique uses personal objects (mementos or familiar every day objects) to spark conversations across generations. The technique has been adapted for use by families who are isolated due to COVID-19 and is suitable for individuals with early to moderate stages of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Who: Caregivers
When: Friday, March 26 at 10am
Where: Virtual (zoom)
Cost: Free

Two participants smiling as they look at one participant's doll with red braids with a yellow dress and a blue and white checkered apron with a cow on the front.
Residents at Seneca Hill Manor in Minetto, NY enjoy talking about each other’s mementos in a storytelling workshop in 2018.